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What is a Custom Song?

A custom song gift is a one-of-a-kind gift that everyone should experience.A custom song is where you share stories, thoughts, and feelings into a radio-ready quality song.  With online companies like SongAwesome. You can put any story, detail, message, feeling, etc. into a song to be sung for another.



any mood from heartfelt to humorous. and any genre from rap to country. It can be tearfully funny with pet names in. Or deeply sentimental for wedding anniversaries. You put inside jokes inside as well as deeply sentimental moments into your song. Anything goes. Have fun!

Custom Song Displayed on Phone

Commision a

Professional Modern Artsit

From heartfelt to hilarious. Our Awesome Artists will masterfully craft your stories, memories and feelings into the lyrics of a custom song. Perfect as a gesture for any occasion.

How It Works

1. Order your song
2. Artist produces your song
3. Receive your song 

You will receive your own premium song page. With unlimited sharing and downloads.

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Favorite Reactions

Songs and Reviews

Happy Couple Anniverary


My Wife

Artist: Jessie Guess

Modern Pop

"My lady really liked the song i got a great artist jessie thank you so much."

-William Elliot

Man Proposing with Ring


Love of my Life

Artist: Alexi Paraschos

Acoustic Pop

"This was so amazing and my husband can’t stop smiling or crying. It was better than I could have EVER imagined! Thank you seems so inadequate!!! But, THANK YOU!"

-Heather Hunt

Mother's Birthday
Our Caring Mother

Artist: Nathan Bank


"Was a great song and awesome lyrics we loved it thank you guys so much."

-Jimmy Wilson


Artist Reviews

Artist Leslie Ledeski

Leslie Ledeski

Two Stones Bar
00:00 / 02:20

Acoustic Pop

"This is such an awesome song. Can really feel the personal connect and the emotions put through words. You’ve done a fabulous job. Thanks a tonne."

-Shiv & Jess

Five-star review
Artist Suede Lacy

Suede Lacy

00:00 / 03:15

Acoustic Pop

"Thank you Suede she will love it! Great job!"

-Jerry Baugh

Five-star review
Artist Nathan Bank

Nathan Bank

You're My Queen
00:00 / 02:29


"Simply amazing, everything I expected, thank you so much Nathan!"

-J Keith

Five-star review
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