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Memorable Stories

Sci-fi Dad

Birthday for Dad

Song for Dad from Sam and Kate. Scott wanted to wish his sci-fi obsessed dad a happy 64th Birthday, they wanted to tribute him and remember him for all of the pets he brought into the house while Sam was growing up.

Artist: Alexi Paraschos

Boyfriend 60th Birthday

Gift to Luther from Jess for his 60th birthday. Their favorite things to do is go on 10 mile long bike rides. Included funny story about his Tesla.

Artist: Leslie Ledezma

Two Stones Pub

Back of Bonnies


Anniversary gift from Scott to Mary they wanted to remember the time they met at a bar. He wanted to include a humorous inside jokes about a catfish.


Artist:  Erik Frank  

World 2 Me


Tribute to a realtaionship for a fifth year anniversary.  Noah wrote this song for Margaux.  He chose the genre Modern Pop.  Sure to mention how Margaux changed his life for the better.


Artist:  Ally Thomas

Happy Couple


Birthday for Brother

This is a Birthday Celebration song from Cynthia to her brother Travis.  They are very close siblings even though they live far away.  She remembers their love of chess and a funny anecdote about a goose.


Artist: Tev Nichols


Birthday For Mom

Sarah and Jennifer sent major love to their Mom with a song tribute.  They want to let her know that they appreciate all of the support they have gotten from her for their lives.  They wanted to remember funny moments and moments they cherish with her such as long walks after dinner.

Artist: Suede Lacy

This One

Birthday for Mom

Greg, Ashley, Ryan and Jedd teamed up to write a song to tribute their mom for her 57th birthday. Her mom is a severe Harry Potter fan and they wanted to recognize how great of a mother she is.


Artist: Jessie Gestrin

Mom's Hug


Birthday for Sister 

Siblings sending love to each other.  They made sure Courtney knew she was appreciated with a tribute to their sibling relationship. They wanted their big inside joke “Are you Suss?”  to be prominent in the song.

Artist: Nathan Bankston

Lets Get Started

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