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man gifting custom song to girlfriend

Need your song in a rush?

Our Awesome Artists are ready to expedite a modern studio-quality song for up to 24 hour delivery.

We have Specific AwesomeArtists for Rush Delivery

SongAwesome has artists ready and able with their home studio to complete expedited songs. Maybe you waited last minute for a gift and need it quickly! Or you found us just in time for your special day. These Artists will put the love, time, and dedication it takes to complete a fantastic personalized song. The only difference is that they will start writing your song right away. For the ultimate gifting experience.

Expedited Delivery Pricing

24-hour Delivery

Receive your song within 24 hours for $99

48-hour Delivery

Receive your song within 48 hours for $69

3-4 Day Delivery

Receive your song within 3-4 days for $29

How It Works

1. Order your song
2. Choose expedited delivery
2. Artist produces your song
3. Receive your song 

You will receive your own premium song page. With unlimited sharing and downloads.

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Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Lets Get Started

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