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  • How will I receive my song?
    You will receive an email with link to your song page. It will be sent to the email you provide in your song form. There you will be able to listen to share and download your song and any other add-ons you purchased.
  • I need my song sooner than I anticipated. What can I do?
    Follow these steps: 1. Send us a message on our Contact Form 2. Let us know your situation. 3. We will send us our amendment form and you can have your song expedited.
  • What happens if I don't like my song?
    With our intuitive song form, and are extremely well-vetted artists... We are certain that your song will come out fantastically! In the rare chance that your song doesn't come out a way that you like... We will offer to write you a new song for $100. Which will exclusively go to the artist. If there is a mistake that our artist made. Let us know immediately and we will amend the problem free of charge. You have 72 hours to listen to your song and get back to us with any issues.
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