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Suede Lacy

Los Angeles, CA

Acoustic Pop Singer/Songwriter R&B
Artist Bio
My name is Suede. I’m a Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. I was born in Dallas Texas and attended the prestigious performing arts school Booker T Arts Magnet high school. This school produced the like of Erykah Badu, Norah Jones and Edie Brickell. I tend to write my songs on my guitar first and then write my lyrics. The way music moves me is unexplainable. The most that I can say is that I must be moved by the music and story in order to create something pleasant. I have a hybrid studio that consists of vintage analog equipment and modern digital equipment. I have it set up this way for the tone and texture of my music. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share in your life experiences.
Past Songs


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Acoustic Pop

With You

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Acoustic Pop



Acoustic pop


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Suede Lacy

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