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Lindsay Artkop

Los Angeles, CA

Acoustic Pop Modern Pop Singer/Songwriter Rock
Artist Bio
An accomplished award-winning drummer, Lindsay Artkop is an Indie Pop-Rock artist based in Los Angeles, CA, who is set to inspire anyone with her uplifting vibes. Her music is loaded with optimism and positivity, with the belief that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. And this shows in her music as she writes all her songs, plays all the main instruments, and records, produces, and mixes them all as well. As if this wasn’t enough, you can catch her drumming and singing *at the same time* during her energetic live sets, which are sure to spark a light on even the darkest days. With inspirations such as The 1975, COIN, Dayglow, and Bad Suns, she blends unique and groovy drum parts with indie/pop/rock riffs and lyrics that will energize and inspire you.
Past Songs

Merry Christmas Taylor

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Lindsay Artkop

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